Employer Brand Management: Successful strategies for attracting and retaining best talent. MasterClass with Simon Barrow


On 4th November in Sofia will be held Employer Branding Master Class with Simon Barrow – also known as “the father of the Employer Brand concept”

He will conduct a full-day training to share his experience and know-how in attracting, engaging and retaining talent, as well to discuss the challenges faced by the companies in the emerging markets by the employer brand development and management.

Some ot the key topics in this highly engaging Master Class include:

  • How to bring the best of brand management to people at work?
  • The influence of strong employer brand over the attraction, engagement and retention of employees, as well as over the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, the company’s innovation rates, and the financial results;
  • Employees’ commitment to corporate values and goals;
  • How Bulgaria can become a preferred “career destination” for specialists abroad? What can employers undertake?
  • What makes you distinctive from the competitors? Creating an unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP).

The Masterclass is predominantly designed for General Managers and Business Owners; Human Resources Directors and Talent Aquisition Managers; Directors, Managers and Experts in Marketing; PR Specialists and Communication Experts.

Simon is a regular speaker on Employer Brand Management during trainings, summits and business forums all around the world. His approach in knowlegde sharing consists in actively engaging the audience and conducting constructive discussions.

We provide special discount of 20% for our members and partners (promo code »eu20EB«).

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You can find more info about Simon Barrow and the upcoming event here.